About Us

ABOUT Hafeela..

Creative, artistic, fashionable, and stylish is what best describes Hafeela. Being born in the island of Sri Lanka to Indo Sri Lankan parents, at a very young age Hafeela learned to embrace the two cultures and appreciated the love for her dual cultural backgrounds. From the traditional Indian ‘Jimkis’ to Sri Lankan batik, her love and appreciation for art and design with her passion for travel, fashion and lifestyle motivated her to create DARYA ACCESSORIES.

Hafeela chose a name for her company which is very meaningful to her and close to home. Darya, meaning “ocean,” is a representation of today’s bold & confident woman who loves style, quality, and fashion. 

Darya provides high quality South Asian handcrafted clutches made with modern and traditional techniques with much attention to every detail. Darya artisans take their time going through every process creating every piece they make with unique fabrics hand embroidered with various stones, beads, sequins and other adornments. These beauties also come in a colorful range that could be worn any time of the day or for any occasion! Hafeela takes immense pride in embellishing each of her clients with her unique clutches, be it for high tea or a cocktail party, DARYA ACCESSORIES has something for everyone!